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Tooth Extraction

A Plus Dental | Tooth Extraction | Dentist Campbelltown No matter how much we want our teeth to be complete and strong forever, sometimes things that happen that can cause them to be damaged, leading to their extraction.

At A Plus Dental, we explore every other option before recommending a tooth extraction. We believe every tooth is worth saving.

We make sure that every tooth extraction is safe, secure, and painless. At A Plus Dental, we always look out for your best interests.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extractions

Tooth decay

Poor dental hygiene coupled with an unhealthy diet can cause damage to your teeth. Sugar from sweet foods is turned into acid by bacteria, which then destroys your tooth’s enamel. As the decay progresses, the tooth becomes too weak for repair, hence extraction.

Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth, or your third molars, may not erupt properly. There are cases in which a gum flap covers them. Food can be stuck in these gum flaps, which can cause decay. Other cases are impacted wisdom teeth. This happens when wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly due to blockage. In this case, extraction is recommended.


Preparing your teeth for orthodontic work may involve extraction. This is needed to align the teeth.

Crowded teeth

Malocclusion or crowded teeth is a misalignment problem and often needs tooth extraction to correct.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, a progressed stage of gum disease, causes loose teeth. Some cases can be beyond repair, leaving your dentist with no choice but extract the tooth.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction will only be employed by your dentist if it is for the best. We have listed the benefits of tooth extraction to your oral health:

  • Stop decay from affecting the other teeth.
  • Prepare your teeth for orthodontic work.
  • Stop the spread of infection in a dental abscess.
  • Make way for your teeth to be aligned.
  • Prevent dental issue that might occur from impacted wisdom tooth.

Tooth Extraction at A Plus Dental

Once all other options are explored, your dentist will recommend tooth extraction. Before the procedure, your dentist will examine your medical record to see anything that might affect or compromise the procedure. This is the best time to discuss your previous dental work with your dentist.

A tooth extraction may require local anaesthesia. In this case, your dentist will give you the option of seeking a second opinion from an equally qualified dentist. This is in accordance with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Your Campbelltown dentist at A Plus Dental will discuss everything related to tooth extraction before the procedure, so you will be fully aware of all possibilities. Rest assured that we take every precaution in all our dental services, particularly procedures such as a tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction in Campbelltown

At A Plus Dental, your safety is our job. In all our dental services, we make sure that you are fully educated and secure. Our dentists are experienced in the field and we take every possible precaution.

If a tooth extraction is what’s best for your oral health, you can rely on your family dentist in Campbelltown, A Plus Dental.

Tooth Extraction in Campbelltown

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