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Periodontics | Dentist Campbelltown Most of us grew up believing that oral health is just about brushing your teeth after meals. It isn’t. Oral health involves much more than that.

Your jawbone, soft tissues, and gums are among other things that should be taken care of as well.

Periodontics focuses on keeping the part that holds the teeth, healthy – the gums. It is the branch of dentistry that covers prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease that compromise the gums.

Read on to learn more.

What is Gum Disease?

Healthy gums are pink in colour and firmly hold the teeth, similar to the way a turtleneck jumper would hug the neck.

Gum disease is a dental condition that threatens the health of the gums. It has three successive stages:

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Gingiva, the part of the gums that cover the base of the teeth, are irritated by unremoved plaque and tartar. With gingivitis, the gums bleed easily during brushing. They are also swollen and dusky red.

The second stage is called periodontitis. The bone that holds the teeth is not affected. Pockets form below the gumline, and they deepen as more food debris and plaque accumulate. The gums recede and expose the teeth’s roots.

The last stage is advanced periodontitis. The pockets have deepened causing the teeth to become loose. Visible bone may also show in the mouth.

Effects Of Gum Disease

Untreated, gum disease can cause:

There are studies demonstrating links between gum disease and lung and heart complications. This is due to the bacteria, which can travel via the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

Signs of Gum Disease

Most cases of gum disease have accompanying symptoms. However in some cases no symptoms are present. This has earned it the name “silent killer”, as it harms your oral health without any symptom.

The following are symptoms of the disease.

  • Loose teeth
  • Bite difficulty
  • Pain when exposed to temperature changes in the mouth
  • Fillings and other similar dental restorations become defective
  • Dentures or bridges no longer fit properly

How Can Periodontics Help?

Periodontics cover treatment of gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. The treatments depend on the severity of the condition. A deep cleaning is recommended for complete cleaning, including deep below the gumline.

Root surface debridement or the removal of damaged tissue may also be required. Finally, regenerative procedures such as bone grafting may be used to address lost bone and tissue in the mouth.

Included in the treatment are our preventative dentistry services. Your Campbelltown dentist will schedule more check ups to monitor your progress. A strict oral hygiene plan will also be implemented.

Periodontics in Campbelltown

A Plus Dental incorporates periodontics for thorough maintenance of your gums. Periodontics exclusively focuses on the health of the gums, for overall oral health improvement.

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Periodontics in Campbelltown

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