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Tooth Decay

A Plus Dental | Tooth Decay | Dentist Campbelltown Tooth decay is among the most common dental issues and is a major cause of tooth loss in Australia. This dental condition is avoidable and can be prevented if given immediate attention. At A Plus Dental, we believe every tooth is worth saving.

If you have a toothache, see your family dentist at A Plus Dental immediately. The earlier you get help, the higher the chances of saving your tooth.

Common Reasons for Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the damage that occurs to your tooth enamel as bacteria create acids from sugar and attack your teeth. The following are the common reasons for tooth decay:

Poor dental hygiene

This is the most common reason for tooth decay. Neglect in following good oral hygiene habits allows bacteria to thrive in your mouth. Failure to brush your teeth, disregard for flossing, and not checking in with your dentist, are examples of such neglect.

Unhealthy diet

Diet plays a big role in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Pampering your sweet tooth can harm your oral health and lead to tooth decay. Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates are favourites of bacteria. Such foods encourage the development of bacteria in your mouth.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is the lack of normal levels of saliva in your mouth. Although considered gross by many, saliva is actually a friend of your teeth. Saliva washes away food and harmful sugars that can damage your teeth. Dry mouth can be caused by xerostomia, certain medications, and breathing through your mouth.


Diabetes weakens the immune system. It is a condition in which sugar remains in the blood and isn’t absorbed and used by the cells. This causes high blood pressure that in time damages other systems in your body.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may have the following symptoms:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Bitter taste on the tongue
  • Bad breath
  • Discoloured tooth

Treatment at A Plus Dental

The sooner you tell your dentist about your tooth decay, the higher the chances of saving your teeth. Severe tooth decay can have devastating effects, including tooth loss.

At A Plus Dental, we use different treatments for tooth decay depending on its severity. For early stage tooth decay, a dental cleaning may be enough. Tooth fillings, inlay/onlay, and dental crowns are other examples of treatment for tooth decay.

Tooth Decay Treatment in Campbelltown

Saving your teeth is our primary concern. If you experience the above symptoms, see your Campbelltown dentist in A Plus Dental immediately.

Prevention is always better than cure. Come and visit us today so we could help you take care of your teeth.

Tooth Decay Treatment in Campbelltown

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