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Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment | Dentist Campbelltown Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath, an aggravating dental problem affecting young and old alike.

It is more than just simple foul breath in the morning or when you wake up; it continues throughout the day.

Unfortunately, not all sufferers know that they have it. Our nose is desensitised to our breath and not everyone is brave enough to tell a friend the truth.

So how can you tell if you have a bad breath? Your Campbelltown dentist can help!

How can you tell if you have bad breath?

One common trick is licking your wrist and letting it dry. If that smells, then it is highly likely that your breath does too. But even this may not always reveal the truth.

The best way to tell if you have a bad breath is to visit your dentist. Only your dentist can properly diagnose and tell the truth about your oral health, no sugar coatings involved.

Common Causes Of Bad Breath

The following are the common causes of bad breath. Take a look.

Oral problems

Poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, and gum disease are some of the oral problems that can cause bad breath.


Denture wearers can also have bad breath as incorrect care of dentures can lead to plaque development on dentures.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is another dental problem associated with bad breath. It is the decrease in saliva supply in the mouth.

Medical conditions

People with diabetes, lung infections or abscesses, kidney/liver failure, gastrointestinal conditions, and hormone-related diseases can develop bad breath.


Smokers and alcoholics have a higher risk of having a bad breath.


Spicy foods and exotic spices can cause temporary bad breath. Proper brushing of teeth right after meal can solve this.

Bad Breath Treatment At A Plus Dental

The best treatment is prevention. Visiting your dentist for regular check ups keeps you from having a bad breath in the first place.

If you already have bad breath, your dentist will identify the cause and recommend proper treatment. If the cause is poor oral hygiene, a dental scale and clean is often recommended. Your dentist will also give you personalised oral hygiene instructions.

Oral Hygiene Tips To Avoid Bad Breath

  • Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and your saliva flow normal by drinking plenty of water.
  • Eat detergent foods such as apple for fresher breath. You can also chew foods that freshen your breath such as mint and parsley.
  • Avoid odorous food as much as possible.
  • Schedule regular check ups.

Bad Breath Treatment in Campbelltown

Keep your breath fresh and your oral health at its best with preventative dentistry services at A Plus Dental. We’d love to help you achieve your healthier and brighter pearly whites.

Talk to us today!

Bad Breath Treatment in Campbelltown

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