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Dental Crowns, How Long Will They Last?

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns How Long Will They Last | Dentist Campbelltown

At A Plus Dental, we install dental crowns (also known as caps) as part of many restorative treatments.

A crown can strengthen a tooth with a large filling or an injury, correct bite misalignments, and is usually necessary after a root canal.

Crowns are also used for cosmetic problems: yellow teeth, stained teeth, too-small teeth, and teeth that are misshapen.

Because crowns are so useful and used so often, patients frequently ask, “How long will my crown last?” And, of course, the answer is that there is no single answer.

However, getting your crowns from your trusted A Plus Dental dentist is one way to ensure that your crown will last for the longest possible time, and we have great advice to share as well!

Factors influencing dental crown lifespan

  • Tooth condition
  • Tooth location
  • Full or partial crown/size of the crown
  • Oral hygiene and care of the crowned tooth
  • Harmful habits (Grinding, clenching, chewing hard objects, using teeth as tools)
  • Materials used in construction (gold, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal, etc.)
  • Installation and proper manufacture of the crown
  • Periodontal health
  • External trauma (accidents)

As you can see, many factors are involved. Dentists generally estimate that a crown should last from 5 to 15 years, and many insurance companies pay for crown replacement if failure occurs 5 to 8 years after installation.

Guiding Principles for Dental Crown Treatment at A Plus Dental

Good Diagnosis

Dental crowns are used to treat many dental problems, but not all of them. Crowns should only be used when they are the optimal long-term and successful treatment solution.

Excellent Materials

Appropriate materials must be chosen in crown construction. The appropriate material depends partly on the tooth’s location or teeth to be treated.

Other issues include the cosmetic desires and bite patterns of the patient. After all, this is taken into account. A Plus Dental will recommend the appropriate material and construction of your crown.

Excellent Fit

If a crown isn’t properly fitted, there’s a good chance it will come loose.

Often, crowns that fit poorly were made that way at the dentist’s laboratory. With respect to dental crowns, the lab technician’s work is just as important as our dentist’s in ensuring a good fit, which is why A Plus Dental only works with the best available laboratories.

Professional Installation

A Plus Dental are skilled at installing dental caps and experienced at considering all the factors involved in a successful procedure.

We carefully prepare the tooth, use only the best materials in crown construction, and then set it with only the best cement available.

We also make every effort to provide a virtually pain-free experience for dental crowns or any dental procedure!

Home Care

Proper home care is a key component in your crown’s lifespan; we will help you provide it. At home, you can treat your crown as though it were a natural tooth.

Simply flossing and brushing with toothpaste will help to keep crowns clean and the gums around the crowns healthy, thus preventing gum disease.

You will need to take extra precautions to ensure that the gums and area between the crown stay healthy.

Although the crown itself won’t decay, the areas near the gum line, where the natural tooth is visible, are still susceptible to tooth decay.

Your dentist will show you how to correctly floss around your new crown to ensure the area stays clean.


Crowns don’t require much in the way of special diet restrictions, but you should be careful about chewing extremely sticky foods, which can dislodge your crown.

While crowns are incredibly strong and can withstand natural bite pressure, they can fracture like a natural tooth.

You can help preserve your crown by not chewing on ice or other hard materials that could damage your tooth.

Long-Term Care For Your Permanent Crown

After the initial placement of your permanent crown, you may feel some sensitivity to cold food and drinks and slight irritation from the cement. You can combat the sensitivity by using sensitivity toothpaste when you brush. If the sensitivity and irritation don’t go away, talk to us at A Plus Dental.

One of the easiest ways to preserve your dental crown is by going to your Campbelltown dentist for regular check-ups. We will be able to assess your crown and the underlying tooth structure for any signs of damage, allowing us to stop any potential problems before they arise.

A Plus Dental is your dental partner in Campbelltown

At A Plus Dental, our commitment is to dental care at a price you can afford. Visit our convenient offices and achieve maximum oral health, from simple check-ups to dental implants and more!

Call us on (02) 4627 3833 or visit us at Suite 3/300 Queen Street in Campbelltown.

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